Yawn… The SharePoint “Killer” is dead

This is comical… http://money.cnn.com/2010/08/04/technology/google_wave_rip/index.htm?source=cnn_bin&hpt=Sbin (Exerpt: “Google’s attempt to reinvent e-mail has fizzled. The company said Wednesday it is pulling the plug on Google Wave, a collaborative tool that drew intense attention when it debuted last year.”)


Better still is this is once again living proof that Google “dabbles” with technology when it comes to the business marketplace, holding onto the tag “beta” (which = unaccountable) for as long as is necessary to either have a winning product (and by product, I mean widget, silo, gadget – something small, flashy but meaningless) or completely abandon their customers if it doesn’t catch on fast enough. Sorry Google, your loose nature and primary colours don’t match my business needs (or those of my customers). Grow Up.


Anyways, RIP ‘SharePoint Killer’.  We hardly knew ye… Alas, I’ll probably buy one of your phones in a year or two, but only because my love affair with Apple is only with their hardware and their competitors are starting to catch on…