Book Coming…

Whew, look at that. 4 posts in June and this is the first for July. Tsk tsk… What can I say? It’s summer, we took a family work/play trip to Bermuda and then celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary by taking a cruise to Alaska. Pile in-between both of those, lots of work, some gigs and trying to live life and perform a number of SharePoint upgrades and you have yourself a lack of blog posts. I’ll work on that.


Oh, and another reason I’ve been really busy is that I recently completed the Technical Edit on a new SharePoint 2010 book targeted at the introductory end user. It is called How to Do Everything Microsoft SharePoint 2010″.



Bold title? You betcha. Remember, I’m a SharePoint Jedi, not an expert (I’m always learning the ways of the SharePoint force). So I’ve had a little difficulty with the title of the book as no book can accomplish How to do everything in SharePoint. Heck, dozens of books and videos wouldn’t be enough. But, it is part of a series of books from McGraw-Hill Osborne Media so we’ve done our part (Stephen Cawood is the author, super easy guy to work with and frequent author) to brief the introductory user on where it came from, how to use the most sought after features, all in one tight little package.