Troubleshooting – Web.config file has incorrect settings for the requestFiltering element

Ran into this the other day, when upgrading (in Place) a SharePoint 2010 environment. The following was logged in Central admin and the screenshots below were the fix (you could also modify your web.config directly).



Web.config file has incorrect settings for the requestFiltering element.


1 – Error




The requestFiltering element in web.config must have the allowDoubleEncoding attribute set to true in order to support file names with the + character in them. Also, it must have a child requestLimits element with the maxAllowedContentLength attribute set to 2147483647 to avoid interfering with file uploads.


Ensure the requestFiltering element exists in web.config, that its allowDoubleEncoding attribute is set to true, that it has a child requestLimits element, and that its maxAllowedContentLength is set to 2147483647. For more information about this rule, see ““.

Failing Servers


Failing Services


Rule Settings



Get the IIS Administration Pack:



Figure 1 : after having the IIS Administration pack installed, go into the Configuration Editor


Figure 2 – Expand out System.WebServer / Security and select RequestFiltering


Figure 3 – Change the value to 2147483647 or whatever you deem appropriate