What does the itgroove name mean?

A friend asked this today. And on an older version of our website, we had an FAQ where we answered that. Funny thing is, I had to use the Way Back Machine” to see the older version of our website, in order to get that info (what a great concept that thing is…).


Link to old site with Way Back Machine – http://web.archive.org/web/20040422045245/itgroove.net/default.asp


So here it is … What does the itgroove name mean?


itgroove ‚ī- ‚tē- ‘grüv n : To have fun with technology vb –itgroovin’ : doing IT with style.

Seriously, the company founder, Sean Wallbridge, originally conceived the name. Sean has always referred to himself as a “drummer” first, and an IT guy the rest of the time. As a drummer in a band, you work alongside a bassist striving to be attuned to each other in laying down the basic beat that defines the music. In musician’s terminology this is called being “in the pocket” or “in the groove”, and that is when the music is at its best.

We want to bring that synergy to your IT environment. We want to make technology dance…to your tune.