Sigh. A short rant about backups and antivirus

I remember a study Microsoft did back before Windows 2000 was released and it was determined that 40% of all troubleshooting/technology tickets were related to viruses (and the software that supported it) and backups (and the software that supported it).  That was a big reason behind a lot of the stuff implemented in Windows 2000.


The problem is… Windows XP came along and made the Antivirus problem worse (prior to Service Pack 2) and now folks are creating more data/storage in the next 5 years, than they have in the last 5000 (a quote from HP) which means Backups are even more important and difficult to manage … and that was BEFORE Symantec got their hands on the product we used to like most (or hate least).


For anyone that asks: IMHO, Trend Micro is the business Antivirus Platform we like best (well, hate the least). Symantec Backup Exec is the business backup platform we like best (hate the least – but don’t be surprised if you see that change).


Don’t mind me. Just venting a little.