Tabs in SharePoint – That was easy

Ok, this will be a short blog post as there really is nothing else here I need to add, besides directing folks to Easy Tabs as the fella there (Christophe) has covered all the bases.

  1. Great, free tool for SharePoint that allows you to have all web parts in a Web Part Zone appear together in tabs, reclaiming valuable Dashboard Real Estate
  2. Implemented easily in a CEWP (Content Editor Web Part)
  3. He’s got all the info you need in the link below, including an introductory video, etc.

Here’s where it’s at:

That’s it. Brilliant. So, to try and add some value add of some/any kind, I’ll quickly demonstrate with some screenshots how I’ve implemented it on a few sites in case you want to see some examples of it in action.

Figure 1 : Collapsing the view of 3 list views into the space taken by only 1

Figure 2 : Collapsing *8* list views into the space taken with 1, with room for more