My Prediction for SharePoint in 2010

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Demand for SharePoint is still on the lower crest of the tidal wave in my opinion. I expect we’ll see even greater demand and momentum in 2010, particularly with the arrival and enthusiasm behind SharePoint 2010. 2007 has been around for some time … yet the convergence of related technologies getting faster and better (bandwidth, maturity of browsers/technologies and more acceptance by end users of web based business), has only recently meant that SharePoint is really becoming a household name and need. This is particularly noticeable in the SMB market that I primarily play in – SharePoint isn’t just for the Enterprise. SharePoint is a product that can change how a company does business – whether deployed across the Enterprise, or simply providing a ‘quick win’ for a departmental application.

In addition, acceptance and increased interest in the “cloud” and the ability to fire up a SharePoint site “today”, should result in even more businesses looking to SharePoint to exorcise technology demons such as the waste of energy that exists in email today. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the uptake of SharePoint in the next 12 months to reach figures close to double the total implementations of SharePoint to date. Businesses, attitudes and networks are ready for SharePoint … now.