Pushing out the Intranet Zone via Group Policy

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you set the Group Policy settings outlined in the reference link below, users will not be able to update their own zones.

If you want to push out the Corporate Intranet zones via Group Policy, follow the instructions in this link… http://johnckirk.livejournal.com/224270.html

  • PRO: This is great as you no longer need to communicate it to staff
  • CON: Now you need to manage centrally all URL’s that need to be in the Intranet and Trusted zones (this could also be considered a Pro)

So, when/if setting a central GPO for something like this, first *speak to the business* and find out *ALL* of the URL’s they use day to day, to make sure the zones are prepopluated.

Figure 1 : When it is set, the Security page in IE will look like this

Figure 2: And the Local Intranet zone will be greyed out (can’t individually add more URL’s)


Great reference link for IE Group Policy settings (and Firefox) for the Intranet zone management: http://johnckirk.livejournal.com/224270.html