Sean’s most notable SP2010 Highlights from SharePoint Conference – Day 3

Day 3. Feet healing, bought some sandals. Now my head hurts – open bar at the Huey Lewis concert was bad news for Sean. Great time, but forgot to hydrate. Owwweee


Enterprise Content Types and Managed Meta Data

  • Tough focusing at first with my hangover headache. But, this is a wowee feature. Might not be sexy but certainly is important.
  • Define a ‘hub’ (site collection) that contains your global/farm content types and you can publish content types to site collections, etc. Unpublish means you may not want to manage it centrally anymore, but it does not revoke it from the sites it is already distributed to. It is now ‘not managed’ and is read/write in those sites that subscribed to it
  • Tagging and meta data changes are huge. Ability to filter (columns) based on groupings of the managed data. Presumably this does not apply to SharePoint Foundation only (WSS 4.0) implementations as Managed Metadata is a application service



    Data Protection Manager (DPM)

  • Sat this session as I’m getting more and more requests to provide DPM support to clients, to backup SharePoint
  • Snapshots, on source server then replicated to DPM server
  • DPM 2010 will allow for backing up Windows Desktops now
  • So long as you can speak to one WFE with DPM, you can backup the entire farm
  • DPM browsing of a SharePoint farm, will backup and know the Databases automatically
    • You don’t need to specify or ‘backup’ SQL Databases – if you backup the SharePoint farm and content, it will do the SQL Backups for you (i.e. if you choose to backup SQL, you will end up backing everything up twice)
  • Short-term protection can utilize disk and other methods