An example of how to leverage the power (and detail) of Windows Server 2008 Applications and Services Logs

I had a weird error today to address on a client SharePoint (WSS) Server. CAPI2 errors, indicating it couldn’t get trusted root cert’s from Microsoft for an application. In the end, it was a corrupt WSS search Index (go figure?) but digging into Windows Server 2008 Event Logging capabilities opened my eyes to some tools I just haven’t played with much to date.


The Basic Application Event Log Entry

Not that informative in the end. But, by cranking up the CAPI2 logging (Event *source*), I was able to learn much more!


Go Go – Applications and Services Logs

Keep this in mind for your next bit of troubleshooting… the detail provided was awesome (then turn the log back off, eh?).


Lots and Lots of just CAPI2 errors

… all available after I turned it on (i.e. within 5 minutes of turning it on, I had 305 details to sift through and filter by).