SharePoint – Meeting Workspace Scenarios

I’ve been asked to put together some SharePoint ‘Meeting Initiation’ scenarios, so here they are, presented as ‘business requirements’ and the techniques necessary to get rolling. Once you have created a meeting workspace, keep in mind that they are full, SharePoint sites that you can tune, customize and leverage for as long as you need. And they include a couple of additional (simple, you could of course create your own), SharePoint list templates to draw upon, to get your meeting going faster and smarter.



What is a meeting Workspace?

A Meeting Workspace is a Web site for gathering all the information and materials for one or more meetings. If your meeting materials — such as agendas, related documents, objectives, and tasks — are often scattered, a Meeting Workspace site can help you keep them all in one place.


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Business Requirement

Create a meeting workspace, within a site or sub site, such as a meeting related to a particular project or department.

Assumption: you have permission to create sites, within this site.

Figure 1 : Choose Site Actions, Create

Figure 2 : Choose ‘Sites and Workspaces’

Figure 3 : Pick the meeting template you require

Figure 4 : Customize the site as necessary, for your meeting


Business Requirement

Create a meeting (workspace) to discuss a document.

Figure 5 : Choose the document to meet about and choose Send To, Create Document Workspace


When you are finished with the document (and meeting), send it home, to its source location.


Figure 6 : Choose OK to open a new document workspace, named after the document you select

Figure 7 : When you are finished collaborating on the document (1 hour, 1 day, 1 month, whatever), send the document home by Publishing it to the Source Location


Business Requirement

Create a recurring meeting (such as a weekly status meeting), that you want to manage (and invite) folks to attend, from within Outlook.



  • I recommend having a dedicated ‘meetings’ site with the permissions you want and create meeting sites underneath it, so those permissions are easily inherited.
  • Also, the subject line becomes the Meeting Site Name and Path for the URL when using Outlook to create a Meeting Workspace … so keep that in mind.


For this one, I opted to create a quick Jing video (can’t help it, gotta love the Jing).

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