SP2 for SharePoint – looking good so far…

Update: May 21, 2009 – Note, if you have MOSS (this won’t affect WSS only installs as there is no license to input), there is a glitch in SP2 (regardless of cumulative fixes) that reverts SharePoint back to a Trial license (gulp/guffaw!). Here’s the full court press release from the SharePoint team – http://blogs.msdn.com/wp-content/uploads/brainlitter/brainlitterarchive/sharepoint/archive/2009/05/21/attention-important-information-on-service-pack-2.aspx

It is easily addressed (enter your license code again) and doesn’t cause any immediate disruption (you have 6 months in which to re-apply your license) and no doubt a fix of some kind is pending.


One thing that has become pretty clear is that Microsoft is shoving IE8 down our throats (automating it in updates) and that we need SP2 for SharePoint, for full/unobstructed functionality of SharePoint with IE8 (the good news is the integration is even better AND Firefox is an ‘even more’ supported browser now – still not full IE-like support, but improved.


I’ve done a few SP2’s already and thus far, it is solid. To be fully up to date (at this writing today at least, May 19, 2009), you will want to apply SP2 and the April Cumulative Fixes. We’re running it internally with no issues to date. Here’s your process, to get fully up to date (and because I loves me some Smart Art :)…


Note: with SP2 and April Cumulative Updates Applied, I am at build:




Finally, this fella has been maintaining a list of ‘posted issue’s’ in regards to SP2 – take them with a grain of salt as the installers may have done silly things, not read the readme’s, etc. But it’s a quick reference, in case you run into trouble: http://www.wictorwilen.se/Post/SharePoint-Service-Pack-2-known-found-and-experienced-problems.aspx


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