My Buddy Barf

One of my (and my wife’s) dearest friends, Bret (aka  Barf, Bart, etc.) has finally published some of his fantastic works on his newly revamped website.  Not only is he showing off his terrific sense of humour (desert dry, the way I like it), he’s showing off his technical abilities (with the quality of the sites technology) and MOST IMPORTANTLY his artistic talent, one I’ve always admired.  I don’t pretend to understand it (I don’t understand much frankly – I’m a drummer after all), but it is beautiful stuff – very vibrant colours, textures and he has a real talent at making the unusual something you want to put up on your walls (though we’ve been trying to get him to let us – we still don’t have an original ‘BarfAlexander’ gracing our Family Room Walls).


Check it out – I love it.


Bret Alexander Art Sample