SBS2008, the WID and Backup Exec

Another funny” on SBS2008 (thanks Rob)


It seems the WID instance that is installed as part and parcel of the SBS2008 install supports the local Sharepoint installation as well as the WSUS install and, maybe, a few other things as well.  BackupExec cacks on the SUSDB (one of the DB’s supported by the WID) as the DB ends up with 2 backslashes (or so BackupExec says) in its name.  The fix is to detach and reattach the DB using the SQLexpress Management Studio.  Louis and I went around in circles on this one as there are multiple services that appear to have tentacles stuck into the WID and which prevent the detach from happening.  If you read the KB from Symantec they tell you to shutdown IIS Manager and Update Services; we ended up shutting down all BackupExec services, all Trend services and the VSS services, as well, before we could actually get exclusive access to the DB to to the detach/reattach.  Once we did all of this and restarted the box the backup ran smoothly.