How to capture Pop-Up Error Messages to the clipboard

Many error messages/pop-ups since Windows XP came out, are *clipboard friendly*. Thus, if you get an error message like this…




The trick/deal is, you can press CTRL+C while it is open, and capture all that text, so that you can put *accurate* entries into Google or wherever you might want to search, for answers to the issue you have (the above example is pretty obvious with RDP, but it’s been provided as a reference).


The CTRL+C result of the above, pasted below is as following…

[Window Title]
Remote Desktop Disconnected
This computer can’t connect to the remote computer.
Remote Desktop cannot find the remote computer. Type the computer name or IP address again, and then try connecting. If the problem continues, contact the owner of the remote computer or your network administrator.
[OK] [Help]


Nifty huh? So useful, but I forget it constantly and remembered tonight… If there was an ugly 0x0023830 type of error in there, you’d be happy not to have to transcribe it.