How to overcome Blocked File Types in SharePoint

If you are attempting to upload a (default) blocked file type to a SharePoint document library, you will probably see this…

Text error version: The following file(s) have been blocked by the administrator: Shared Documents/notepad.exe


However, if you really want to allow a certain file type, this is how it is done…

But, first a quick note… As you might imagine, storing .exe files, Access Databases (MDB) and others are not recommended (and also why they are blocked by default) as:

  • They can contain viruses
  • Users may get the impression that SharePoint is like a regular file server and start to use it, to attempt to launch setup programs (and those will fail)

Alternatively, you may want to consider renaming Executable files as .renamed or something to that effect, so that you preserve security but still avoid having to zip or other approaches to work around this.

However, if #1 isn’t a concern and #2 is a user education issue that can be managed, here is how it is done:


Bulleted Instructions

1. Open Central Administration

2. in the Operation Tab

3. Security Section

4. Open the Blocked file types option and make your modifications there


Picture is worth a 1000 words instructions


Be sure to select the Web Application you intend to remove the file types from (you can define differently for different applications)


Then remove the file types you no longer want blocked and click okay.