Categories fail to work with CKS:EBE using SharePoint Blog Provider

Using the Community Kit for SharePoint : Enhanced Blog Edition, I missed an important detail in the User Guide, that recommends that you do not in fact select ‘SharePoint’ as your blogging provider, but rather the ‘Metaweblog API’ provider.  Being that I initially set it up at 3am, I’m cutting myself some slack for not catching this immediately but also because it is almost written as an afterthought, in the User Guide (it should be in Bold, Red, etc.).  I mean, why wouldn’t I choose the ‘SharePoint Blog Provider’ for my SharePoint Blog?

Well, here’s why… your categories won’t work…

I was tipped off by Clement DeLarge’s Blog post here : But alas, that was useful after the fact.  I wanted to know how to connect, using Microsoft Word 2007 or Windows Live Writer (the tool outlined in this post), to start avoiding the problem from the get-go (as you will be able to select categories, using the wrong function – but they won’t stick – argh!).

So, here’s how you tell Microsoft Windows Live Writer, to blog (successfully, with categories working), to a CKS:EBE Blog.





Use the following syntax (notice the metaweblog.ashx)