PHP install on IIS – get 404 error after

PHP – amateur hour on the installer and I went with the latest…

Anyways, found the reason why PHP pages wouldn’t display (of any kind) and I was getting 404 errors instead.

Turns out after installing PHP and having it configure IIS, it would use the 8.3 file name in the IIS, website, properties, Home Directory, choose Configuration, under Mappings choose the .PHP extension and change it from the (in my case) C:PHPphp5is1.dll” to the full “C:PHPphp5isapi.dll” (browse to it for accuracy).

Sigh. There is a reason why I like working with Microsoft stuff. I can actually get coding right away and doing what I need to do. Setup works, everytime. This PHP/MYSQL process has meant reading tonnes of newsgroups (forget their documentation, it is inaccurate and all over the place – thanks to a ‘community’ where no one particular person can get canned for not doing the job right) just to get the install done. Once it is working, then I can start figuring out the next level of lameness. *SIGH*