Check your email stationary (or newsletter) for its Spamminess…

Concerned your fancy email stationary, or recent marketing email you sent is awfully ‘Spammy’? Send an email to [email protected] with the word TEST (in uppercase) in the Subject Line and you will get an email back complete with a basic report of how well your email did.

Go to to learn more.

For quick reference, this is how my own Outlook Business Stationary stacked up:

Your TOTAL SPAM SCORE for your e-mail was 1.

How To Interpret Your Score:
The higher the score, the more likely the e-mail will be considered spam by ISPs, which means the more likely it is to get filtered. Levels…

0.0 – 4.5 – nice and clean, no problems except tiny ones below; no action required

4.6 – 7.0 – the strictest may object; clean up the easy-to-find issues (below)

7.1 – 10.0 – getting into dangerous territory; clean up any big issues and the easy-to-find smaller ones

10.1 – 13.0 likely over ISP limits; requires good review and cleaning up

13.1+ major problems; overhaul needed — systematically clean, point by point and then re-test (this may require two or three checks).

In order of importance, here are the mistakes that we found in your e-mail…

(0.8 points) An exceedingly large amount of HTML coding is often used to disguise common spam phrases. Consider reworking slightly.
(0.2 points) BODY: I wonder how many emails they sent in error (0.0 points) BODY: HTML included in message

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