Two issues I found today, with IE7, Vista and OWA

I’ve seen these before, as recently as a coworkers (Hi Louis) desktop so it was worth documenting.

Issue 1:
1. When connecting to OWA (Exchange Webmail), when composing a new message, a red x appears in the body area of the message, as though it wasn’t accepting an activex control or otherwise. Popup blockers were not to blame.

… Had to choose options in OWA and download and install the S/MIME control. Now, creating a standard email should not requiring a tool needed for signing or encrypting an email but … whatever … it worked, first time

Issue 2:
2. After getting the above control working, then IE7 would crash completely when I clicked send after composing a message (Come on Microsoft, you can do better than this by now!?).

… had to install a patch on the Exchange Server (2003) in order to stop this problem from happening (did not require a reboot for those of you wondering). The Patch