Searching in WSS 3.0 and MOSS

Ok, this isn’t about WSS 2.0 – just a simple statement that if you wanted to be able to search documents in a document library in WSS 2.0, you need a full Microsoft SQL Server database behind it, not MSDE.

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I’m too lazy to write my own and am storing this for myself really, to remember. But, here is the borrowed reference (

WSS 3.0 has a basic search feature that will allow users to search for content. This is a big change from previous WSS versions, which required WSS to be configured to run on SQL Server 2000, using its Full-Text Indexing engine. Another important change is that WSS 3.0 will search in subsites, while the previous version of WSS only searched in the current site. The following list summarizes the search functionality in WSS, when combined with SQL Server:

Finds information of any type, stored in the current site, or a subsite. Provides free-text searching in documents, files, and all list content. SharePoint will create a special Windows SharePoint Services Search (MSSearch.exe) in Windows 2003. This service must be running before WSS can use it for indexing and searching. The steps to configure WSS to use this search feature are described in the following Try It Out.


And of course you can search in MOSS 2007 – in many more wonderful ways as it must have a real SQL server behind it.

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As a WSS 2.0 user, I wondered why there was no easy way of searching for content.
That’s why I looked everywhere for a 3rd party solution until I found one in the form of a SharePoint web part at a company called KWizCom (

Great bookmark, if you ask me. ๐Ÿ™‚