Do you Jott?


Wouldn’t it be nice to leave yourself a reminder without having to find a pen and paper? Wouldn’t it be great to leave a dictation without having to hear the sound of your own voice?

So What?

Well, the above bugs the heck out of me.

Introducing Jott (

This free (at least while in Beta) service is pretty cool. It is pretty simple – when you need to leave yourself a reminder, simply call Jott, tell it who you wish to leave a message for (such as ‘Myself’) and then leave your voice message. Within a few minutes, you or whomever you chose from your address book will receive an email with your voice message, converted to text.

Note that the service is in BETA, thus, the text translation isn’t yet perfect. And for me, I couldn’t use the 1-800 number because it couldn’t recognize my caller ID, but otherwise, it is a pretty cool and simple concept. One day it will be a paid service or perhaps just have brief advertisements but already it has proven useful.

Now What?

Visit and register your phone
Add Jott’s phone number to your address book
Call Jott, tell it who you wish to Jott and leave your message
Classification: Nifty.

Terrific – A Victoria local number now exists too!