Attachments too big to send via your Email host?

YouSendIt: The Leader in File Delivery.

Ok, I have my own mailserver and even I won’t allow big attachments through it as it causes no end of grief when someone decides to send 30 pesky 100MB attachments.

So, introducing SendIT (and about a dozen competitors) that allows you to send your ‘attachments’ up to 100MB (for free) or 200 of them up to 2GB (for $5/month US). Basically you upload your file to their site and then your recipient is sent an email with a link to that file and they download it. The only thing that passes through your mail system is that tiny 1kb or so email message informing them of the URL to your file. Beautiful, simple and far less cumbersome management than FTP and other solutions, especially if security of the file is not a major concern.