ISA Server intermittantly hangs

I’ve had a few ISA servers do this to me now… ๐Ÿ™

SQL Server logging seems to leak (even beyond what gets set it seems) so here’s what you do to fix it…

To Know:

1. Your physical memory

2. Find out what task (PID) SQL Server uses by issueing the following command: Tasklist /svc

3. Take note of PID of sqlsrvr.exe and open Task Mananger, change the view and add PID Columm. Then look for the sqlsrvr.exe service associate with PID you wrote down.

4. Verify if this instance of sql is consuming all your avaiable RAM. If it is, go to the following website to set a limit for sql. (if you don’t like that M$ long winded approach, use this guys tool – – look for the zip file and in it, find the ISA_MSDE_Max_Memory script)