Do you have a virus? Format Baby

So, you had a virus. What next?

One word.


Quit asking me whether I think the PC is okay now or whether ‘we got it’. If your PC has been infected with a virus, get your data and important stuff off of the PC and rebuild it starting with a full disk format. Never trust that Norton (YUCK!) or any other Antivirus vendor for that matter has fully removed the damage from your PC. Notice I said ‘Damage’ and not Virus. These AV vendors might have gotten rid of what they understand about the virus (files, registry settings, etc.) but the extent of damage a virus causes can easily be more than is visible. What if it poked a hole somewhere that no other virus or malware exploits immediately but 6 months from now is useful to the next 15 year old little twerp (thanks for the spelling correction Tony ๐Ÿ˜‰ hacking away on the latest pain in the ass in his basement.

Now say it with me…

F – O – R – M – A – T

Have a nice day.