How Yammer Benefits Our Team

Yammer is a great tool for our team and company because it has greatly improved our office communication. Using Yammer, we have not only made communication more efficient and timely, but also significantly reduced the number of emails we send and receive. Who doesn’t like that?

Every morning, each team member posts a quick Scrum update of what their day consists of. By doing this, we are all aware of who has deadlines, who is working from home, who will be onsite for client work or meetings, and any other important information for the day. While you could take the time to go and look at everyone’s calendars, this is so much easier and more efficient.

We can quickly and easily post anything that should be communicated company wide. We have made it a standard practice to check a couple of important threads throughout the day to ensure we are all up to speed. The old way would have been to send emails and hope that everyone received them in time.

Here are a couple examples of how we use Yammer:

  • When large events happen in the arena where our office is located, there are changes to our normal parking allocations. Our team can be notified instantly of these changes via Yammer.
  • From a social perspective, you could post that you are going for a cold beer on a local patio after work and everyone is welcome to join in. These types of things are great for morale and keeping a team close.

Despite our success with using Yammer as an office communication tool, I don’t feel that Yammer is the best way to work together on projects. Posting things to Yammer that relate to a small team would create too much “noise” which could quickly become ignored. In my opinion, Teams is a better tool for work and project collaboration.

Get Started With Yammer

I really recommend giving Yammer a try in your office if you haven’t yet. It is another great tool that is part of your Office 365 subscription. Learn more about Yammer here.