How to Know You’ve Waited Too Long to Adapt to the Cloud

Ok, it’s confession time.  Sometimes, I wait for a ⚠️ (sign) before making a move. Talking to other business owners and managers, I’ve discovered I’m not that unique. Most of us wait for signs before taking action because we don’t want to make move that could hurt business and adapt to the cloud. 

Waiting too long has consequences too though. 

Dragging my feet before starting Regroove forced me to stay in a business I wasn’t passionate about. 

Avoiding cancelling my terrible insurance policy for years because I was already “invested” caused me to keep throwing money out the window. 

When it comes to cloud computing, some companies are still waiting to adapt to the cloud. Is yours? 

Have you taken too long to adapt to the cloud?

If you’re waiting for the right time to move? to the cloud, as comedian Bill Engvall would say, “here’s your sign.” In fact, here are two signs. 

#1. Healthcare Industry Comes to The ☁️

The healthcare industry has been going away from file cabinets ?️ and towards the cloud. Cloud computing in healthcare gives organizations the ability to streamline their care, data, and more, all while staying agile and reducing server costs. Electronic healthcare records should’ve pushed the industry to the cloud years ago, but cloud growth is just starting to catch on? according to BioSpace. 

#2. Banks Adopt ☁️ Computing 

When banks start adopting new technology that your business hasn’t, you know you waited too long. That moment is here according to a recent New York Times article by Lananh Nguyen. “Banks see huge potential for cloud technology to make their systems faster, more nimble and responsive to the needs of their customers,” says Lananh. 

Banks have finally begun adopting the cloud, even if slowly. Banks are weighed down by servers and data centers that are unnecessary, costing their businesses millions of dollars each year. The opportunities the cloud offers banks, including savings, is what drives their move to the cloud. Otherwise, they would happily continue to add on servers and operate as they have for the last hundred years.

Bad News, Good News

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Bad News: It’s hard to tell when it’s the right time to adapt to a new technology. But, when you’re falling behind companies in industries like banking and healthcare, it’s safe to say that you’ve waited too long. Waiting has likely increased your company’s reliance on servers and storage while your competitors have moved their data to the cloud. 

Good News: There are two pieces of good news: 

  1. It’s never too late to move to the cloud. 
  1. Banks and healthcare providers care about the safety and security of their data more than the average business. 
  1. These industries are regulated like no others. Their security to move to the cloud should make you feel warm and cozy about making the switch. 

Has your company moved to the cloud ☁️?  If not, what’s holding you back? Learn more about Regroove here


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