Making the Canada Digital Adoption Program Work for Your Business  

The Government of Canada recently announced a $4 billion dollar Canada Digital Adoption Program aimed at helping businesses improve their digital solutions. This includes creating or expanding online purchasing solutions, digitizing, and automating operations, or facilitating a migration to the cloud. Program options include funding, support, training, and work opportunities for young Canadians. There are lots of reasons to be excited about the Canada Digital Adoption Program. Check out how to make the program work for your business below!  

Getting Started  

In order to get started with the Canada Digital Adoption Program, you’ll need to complete the grant assessment and digital maturity assessment.   

The grant assessment is a short series of questions that assists you in determining which of the available grants you should apply for. Available grants include:  

  • Grow Your Business Online  
  • Boost Your Business Technology   

The digital maturity assessment helps identify and clarify how digital your business currently is, how it compares to other organizations in your industry, and where you might be able to improve. The assessment report will include:  

  • Your digital intensity score – a measure of your current digitization  
  • Your digital culture score – how your organization is poised to handle change management  
  • An assessment of your overall digital maturity  
  • An assessment of how you compare with other organizations in your industry  
  • How you can improve your digital maturity  
  • And more!  

Canada Digital Adoption Program Grants  

There are two grants in the Canada Digital Adoption Program specific to helping your business improve its digital posture:  

Grow Your Business Online Grant  

The Grow Your Business Online grant will help small and medium sized businesses improve their e-commerce capabilities. This includes creating or improving an online store and online service offerings.  

Boost Your Business Technology Grant  

The Boost Your Business Technology grant helps businesses adopt new technology. Your business will work with a digital adoption specialist that reviews your current digitization and helps you create a plan to improve your technology solutions.  

With the Boost Your Business Technology grant, you could get up to 90% of costs up to $15,000 covered to implement your technology plan, and your business will have the option of obtaining a 0% interest loan up to to cover the adoption of your digitization plan.  

How Regroove Can Help  

Regroove fully supports any government initiative that serves to help small and medium sized businesses improve their digital system and move their business processes to the cloud. Once your business has a digital adoption plan, Regroove can help you implement that plan to suit your business needs, while providing coaching and helping assist with change management for your end users.  

The Canada Digital Adoption Program offers an excellent opportunity to improve your business’s cloud solutions, and we’d love to help! Get in touch at to find out more.  

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