How to Cut Your Company’s Footprint and Become a More Sustainable Business 

There is no doubt that climate change is happening. We as businesses need to do our part to become a more sustainable organization. Want to learn how you can become a more sustainable business? By moving to the cloud!  

What Is a Carbon Footprint?

You’ve probably heard of the term “carbon footprint,” but what is it? Your carbon footprint is the total C02 (carbon) emissions you create. Carbon emissions come from burning fuel, chemical reactions, machines, etc. So, reducing your company’s carbon footprint is a good place to start to become a more sustainable business. 

Another buzz phrase is “net zero.” Striving for net zero emissions refers to a company balancing their impact on the environment.  

To help businesses get to net zero, Amazon Web Services(AWS) created a Customer Carbon Footprint Tool. The tool shows customers how much CO2 is created by their use of the cloud. The tool also shows how Amazon’s efforts to reduce emissions will impact a client’s overall carbon footprint.  

Amazon isn’t the only company focused on getting to net zero.  

In 2020, Microsoft joined The Climate Pledge, meaning they intend to achieve net-zero carbon by 2040. Their efforts to reduce their carbon emissions include:  

  • Locating servers in cooler climates  
  • Power their services with renewable energy 
  • Create more energy-efficient cloud servers   

Reducing Your Company’s Carbon Footprint

When considering how your business can reduce your footprint, start with your technology. Did you know that servers make up a large percentage of your carbon footprint? This is yet another reason to move to the cloud. 

A move to the cloud reduces your carbon footprint by leveraging the work of companies like Amazon and Microsoft. 

In addition to making the move to the cloud, you can also ensure your company is using “green” office equipment and products. Examples include:  

  • Recycled paper 
  • Non-toxic cleaning products  
  • Solar chargers  
  • Smart power strips  
  • Efficient lighting (LED bulbs)  

At Regroove, we value doing the right thing. We love to make small changes to gradually become an eco-friendlier business. Moving to the cloud can diminish server costs and put you on a more sustainable path. Not only beneficial for the environment, but also putting you in a positive light sustainably for business  

If you are looking to move to the cloud, get in touch with Regroove today.