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SharePoint Service Account creation worksheet

Written by Sean Wallbridge. When providing guidance to customers about SharePoint Service accounts (lots of posts out there already, so I’m keeping this short), we end up submitting a recommend service account list (they don’t always go for them, but we do our best at trying to do the right thing). Anyways, SharePoint Service accounts …

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Never Too Old To Learn a Trick or Two

On the weekend Sean and I spent time with his grandmother. We wanted to record her as she told us her life story. She has witnessed so many things in her lifetime and has an amazing memory for details. She was born almost 95 years ago in Liverpool, England. When she was a teenager in …

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Paper, Pixels and the iPad Mini

I don’t consider myself to be very old fashioned. Well, in most ways except for technology. Let me just say that I fully admit that it’s possible that because my husband is into all things computers and technology, I am a little shall we say…stubborn when it comes to his crazy ideas. I would say …

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I so need the cloud … or do I?

Everyone nowadays talks about “the Cloud” as being the next big thing that ALL companies should be looking at as a part of their IT infrastructure planning. The problem is that the term “Cloud”, has become so ambiguous and attached to so many things that it is hard for most companies to get a handle …

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