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A bunch of Sonicwall goodies–Part 2, SRA (secure remote access)

Sonicwall has a range of remote access servers that can be very effective in various situations.  There is the SRA range suited to smaller installations (think SMB/SME) and the larger E-Class SRA series that more suited to larger organizations or applications that require a whole bunch of connections at once.  I’ve seen the E-Class units …

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A bunch of Sonicwall goodies — Part 1, SSL-VPN

We tend to lose sight of some of the “basics” when all of the “sexiness” of the Cloud and other things get all of the attention.  But it is important to remember that your on-premise kit needs some love and affection, too!  And, most importantly, you need to be mindful of your gateway security. I …

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Sonicwall Virtual Access Point (VAP) Configuration

I’ve been attending a Windows 8 "Beta Teach" course at Microsoft this week. At some point we were discussing wireless networking in class and I casually tossed out a comment about "Virtual Access Points" (VAP) which is something I’ve been dealing with in the Sonicwall world for some time now. My new friend and classmate …

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Sonicwall Wireless Primer

All new generation Sonicwall firewalls support “centrally controlled access” wireless management via the built-in wireless in the TZ100W, TZ200W, TZ210W, NSA220W, NSA250MW and/or via one or more SonicPoints. Both the built-in wireless and the SonicPoints allow for provisioning multiple “virtual” access points or VAP’s. A VAP is a specific wireless profile that can have settings …

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Secure Remote Access Options for SMB

A big chunk of the customer base I deal with at itgroove are small offices that have single or dual server infrastructures.  In many cases they want to allow their staff to remotely access systems and resources at the office.  There are two very good tools available to this SMB space to control and secure …

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