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Microsoft MVP Virtual Conference

Join me and piles of others in the MVP vConference (online). See below for more details. Here is a high level overview of the event: World-class free online conference that features technical content presented by Americas’ region MVPs that is open to the public More technical content (Level 200, 300, 400), less marketing 5 tracks: …

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What to do if Office Web Apps (OWA) Stops Working in SharePoint

A customer ran into this issue a while back a couple of times and I wanted to document it for others. The customer was using their SharePoint environment normally throughout the day when all of a sudden their Office Web Apps stopped working. As it turns out, the ultimate problem ended up being related to …

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Fixing our Office Web Apps 2013 Server

We’ve been having some issues with our OWA server recently, and I was ready to throw the VM away and build a new one, but I persisted and instead found a way to fix it, since I figured somewhere down the road we’ll need to do this for real with a customer, and rebuilding wouldn’t …

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