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Post Exchange mailbox database cleanup after migration to Office 365

Post Exchange mailbox database cleanup to Office 365 My initial issue was thus. I had done a cut migration from Exchange 2013 to Office 365. Everything was working fine and I had kept my existing server intact to be used in conjunction with DirSync for a Hybrid solution. The existing on premises server was still …

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My Exchange 2013 Upgrade to SP1

My Exchange 2013 Upgrade to SP1 This is my journey in upgrading our on premises Exchange 2013 server running CU1 to SP1. Since my install of CU1 was a little bumpy I made sure to do all the initial preparation. SP1 has Schema/Ad/Domain changes so make sure deal with them first. Download SP1 and extract …

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Stuff to think about when you consider “On Premise” vs Office365

We (itgroove) have been working with a lot of clients that are moving parts of their infrastructure to Office365.  For some clients it really is a “no-brainer” and there is no discussion at all about 365 vs on premise servers.  For other clients it is a much more complex discussion.  So I thought it might …

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