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O365–Do you need a partner to help migrate to O365?

The quick answer to this is, of course, no.  You don’t need a partner to help you migrate to O365, you could do it yourself.  But you might want to have a partner, specially so if you do not  have internal resources that understand all that is involved with a migration. Office365 is built on …

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Outlook users can wreak havoc when you move to new Exchange

I came across a very weird problem this past week that had me scratching my head for a bit.  I had just finished helping a non-profit customer migrate to a net-new Windows domain after they had suffered through a “broken” migration from SBS2003 to SBS2011.  As we all know, things change rather dramatically from Exchange …

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One little AD “trick” to completely screw up Exchange OWA

I came across this little “gem” at a client today.  After I spent quite a bit of time getting their Exchange 2010 up and running (see earlier post about RPC 6001 errors) I was back on site trying to figure out why webmail and iPhone connections would not work for most users including the CEO.  …

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