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Using OEM supplied Windows 2012 /2012 R2 for ESXi VM creation

I haven’t written about ESXi in quote some time as I’ve been concentrating on Hyper-V but ESXi still creeps in to my builds every now and then (and there still is nothing like vConvert that is easily available in the Hyper-V world outside of System Center).  I hit a small problem this weekend while trying …

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The best thing that ever happened to iSCSI is 10Gb Ethernet (GbE)!

If you are a “big IT shop” kind of person then you already know what I’m talking about so you can ignore the rest of this post.  If you are a “small shop” IT person or an SMB owner, this one is for you! We recently upgraded a customer by swapping out their ageing EqualLogic …

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Hyper-V vs VMware Virtual Networking

itgroove has been busy building out our new Server 2012/Hyper-V infrastructure in support of our move to all new and shiny Exchange 2013, SharePoint 2013, Lync 2013 and Office 2013 along with our move to Windows 8 on all the client machines.  We made the decision to move off VMware ESXi as our virtualization platform …

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