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Responsive UI Package for SharePoint on-premises (2013 and 2016)

If you’re like me and get a lot of requests to make SharePoint sites responsive (it is 2016 afterall!), here’s a great read and some excellent resources courtesy of the SP Patterns & Practices team to make your life a little easier: Looking for the SharePoint Online version? That can be found in the …

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SharePoint Social Icons

What When someone shares a SharePoint public facing website via Facebook, Facebook loads a “preview” of the website in the post. What it does is gets the URL and grabs the first image it finds that SharePoint is presenting to the world. So What The problem is, unless overridden, the first image it will (often) …

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SharePoint Centered Layout in Wiki Pages

In a recent project, we were working with a customer who was using a fixed width centered design in their corporate intranet (using the Publishing feature’s “/Pages” library and the Site Master Page), but the System Pages of the site were still full width. Since wiki libraries use the System Master Page, they were full …

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3 Ways to Improve SharePoint Quick Launch Style

In our last couple of SharePoint branding projects here at itgroove, we’ve added a little bit of sparkle to SharePoint’s left navigation, or “Quick Launch”. Here’s how we added some style with a bit of CSS and jQuery. First, we wanted each site’s OneNote Notebook to pop, as it’s different from a list, library or …

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SharePoint Web Part Style

Looking to add a bit of sass to your web parts? With this bit of jQuery and CSS, we’ll take control of the display of SharePoint web parts and their titles and icons. Here’s an example: In the script below, we’ll target the icon <img> that SharePoint allows you to set via the Web Part …

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