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Stupid Licensing Practices

This is a rant so be forewarned … We discovered an “interesting” kink in Backup Exec licensing this week.  I will admit that we had not been paying attention to the changes announced first by Symantec and then Veritas so I suppose we were partially asleep at the switch.  Nevertheless, the changes are significant and …

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BackupExec and Copied Media

We’ve had a reminder this week of some oddities in BackupExec. Our standard backup configuration for customers that use BackupExec is to have BackupExec send its output to a NAS device (generally a QNAP) and then the datastore on the QNAP is dumped out to a USB disk for offsite storage on a regular basis.  …

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A (Non) Profitable Journey – Part 4

Things continue apace at Swan Lake.  I’ve been fooling around with various things and I’m slowly rolling in the changes that I and they want to see in place.  It’s a slow process as I have to grab time to do things where and how I can but things are rolling forward and that is …

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The Cloud and Trust

We were having a discussion in the office yesterday that was triggered by a discovery we made about our Office365 backup solution (we use SkyKick).  In a nutshell we discovered that the backup vendor has to make a few manipulations with provided credentials in order to back up site collections inside SharePoint Online.  The provided …

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Exchange almost gone KABOOM?

There is an old Bugs Bunny cartoon where Marvin the Martian is working with his illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator and it doesn’t work.  “Where’s the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!”, says Marvin when nothing happens.  For Marvin this wasn’t good, for you with what looks to be a dead Exchange …

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