Using JSLink to Build a Project Registry

What We Did
I was recently involved in building a Project Registry solution to help a local registered charity with managing their multiple cross-department projects. The Craigdarroch Castle Historical Museum Society’s Executive Director, John Hughes, asked itgroove to help him prepare the organization to manage their project portfolio, which was growing significantly over the next five years. The end-goal was to find a way to bring a big picture overview to the Castle’s collaborative project management and communicate decisions to the team about where key project information (Files, Tasks, Notes, Conversations, etc.) would be stored.

How We Solved It
We built the Castle a low-code solution using a single SharePoint list with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for styling the look and feel. List view web parts using JSLink allow our design team to change how the rows, columns, and fields are rendered. It also allows icons to be included in the dashboard to visually signify information like the colour-coded Key Performance Indicators, and the logo of the technology tool used to store various types of project information. The simplicity of the solution ensures the content in the Registry can be entered and modified by an end-user with a basic understanding of lists as it only requires them to paste URLs into fields and select text choices from a drop-down menu.

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