Office documents not opening in Chrome in SharePoint Online

Office documents not opening in Chrome in SharePoint Online

I tried all the normal repairing office, uninstalling/reinstalling, resetting to defaults.

First I went to set default programs and reset it to defaults.

Set Default programs

In this case the protocol wasn’t set by default, this didn’t fix chrome, but it fixed IE.

Set associations for program

I logged into the computer with a different profile and when I tried to open a word doc in Chrome I got the prompt I was missing.

prompt not opening

Now to reset this option in chrome so it would work on her profile delete or rename the “local state” file in
Users -> (users profile name) -> AppData -> Local -> Google -> Chrome -> User Data

*its hidden

Reset option in Chrome

I was also getting a connection issue when opening the word docs, but that was a networking issue where the network adaptor said it didn’t have internet (yellow triangle), but internet was working so browsing to SharePoint online was getting confused. A TCP/IP reset, ipconfig flush / registerdns fixed that all up.
“We are unable to connect right now. Please check your network and try again later.”