We couldn’t sync this library. This library isn’t available offline (OneDrive for Business)

Recently I was trying to sync a new SharePoint library in a site I have setup in Office 365, and after having tried many other blog posts, none of them worked, and I had to come up with my own solution.


The error I was seeing was as follows.


“Microsoft OneDrive for Business”

We couldn’t sync this library.

This Library isn’t available offline.

Below is a list of some of the blog posts I attempted that did not solve my problem. Maybe some of these could solve other problems, but mine didn’t fall into any of these categories.


As it turns out, I had too many different services connected to my Office account on my work device (which I’ve actually blogged about in this post here – who’ve thought it would’ve caught me again). Of course the Office 365 tenant that was associated with the library I was trying to sync wasn’t among those that was currently connected to my account.


As you can see below, I had a lot of connected services. Although to be honest, I don’t know why there needs to be a limit at all.


To resolve this issue, I had to remove at least one service (see here), and then as soon as I did that, I chose to add a new Office 365 Service (see below).



Once I successfully added in the Office 365 service I was trying to connect to, I went back to try and resync the SharePoint library again. This time it worked without any issues.


Hopefully this can help someone else who may have run into this scenario.