Office 2016–The New Office

Microsoft will be rolling out Office 2016 today and with it they will also be rolling out a change of focus.  Yes, Office 2016 will build on past releases of Office just as new builds of Office have always done but, with Office 2016, the focus will move away from Office just being “Office” to Office being part of a much bigger, much more collaborative picture.

Unless you have been off grid for the last few years it would be impossible to not notice how Microsoft is has been moving at lightspeed from a desktop and on-premise focus to the Cloud with Office 365 and Office itself at the forefront of the move.  In a very short space of time the we have seen everything “flip”; we’ve gone from Office only being on your desktop to it being ubiquitous and on everything – phone, tablet, desktop, in Office 365; in short, everywhere.  The focus now is teamwork as the the New Office is built for teamwork.  This means a deep integration with Office 365 and the expectation that users will collaborate with each other using Office on whatever device comes to hand and wherever they may be.  Office is not just for the “office” anymore!

Satya Nadella’s Microsoft is a vastly different beast from what Microsoft was a few short years ago.  The New Office is further proof of the monster changes that have occurred within Microsoft and the various product groups that support Office, Office 365 and all of the other Cloud offerings.  There is a new mantra of collaboration within Microsoft (who would have ever thunk it????) and the proof of that is in Office 2016 and Office 365.  The laser focus as of today is in working together and of making the very best tools to make it easy to work together.  And the best part, to my mind, is that the device I decide to use at any particular point in time no longer has any real bearing on the quality of my output as the tools (The New Office) are secure and  rich on all my devices.

It’s here, folks!  Login or sign up to Office 365 and experience it starting today.