A (non) Profitable Journey–Part 2 B

Well, it would seem that the golden rule of “if you rush, it will break” has already kicked in …

First, a correction:  I stated in my last post that the free edition of Veeam allows for individual fie restores, that is incorrect.  I was basing my comments on the information on Veeam’s site which is poorly organized and lead me to the impression that files restores were part of the deal.  They are not.  Veeam does allow for backup of unlimited VM’s on a given host vs 2 VM’s on a host with Altaro’s free product, but file restore is not included with either free package.

And it would seem that I rushed in with the Endian firewalls without fully testing them.  While I was able to get them in place there were some fairly serious issues that cropped up with the site-to-site VPN (I used the OpenVPN and OpenVPN GW client configuration) which seemed to go up and down like a yo-yo.  I did try to get the IPsec VPN configured with zero success.  As there were too many issues with the firewalls I made the reluctant decision to pull them and we reverted to the Linksys/Cisco boxes for now.  I’m going to dig into the Endian thing some more, there was a big update released that maybe fixes the problem.  Of course, having commercial grade boxes like Sonicwall would make me feel better (I know they work) but this is all about how to make things work when there is zero budget so I’ll circle back and see what can be done.

All of this serves to highlight my golden rule statement above … if you try to do too much in a short period of time something is bound to give.  And after 35 years in this business you would think I would know better.

Anyway, stay tuned, I’m sure there will be lots more interesting things happening in this journey!