Windows 10 for Business Adopters

In the wise words of my colleague, Robert Dick…

We’ve been chatting internally at itgroove about Windows 10 (and playing with it, of course!) and we are taking a stance regarding corporate adoption that is probably pretty common.  Before you jump on the bandwagon you need to put Windows 10 on a test box and test the daylights out of all of your custom software and line of business apps before you start upgrading user machines.  This is not a slam against Microsoft in any way, they are doing all the due diligence testing with the hundreds of thousands of Windows 10 beta testers.  Rather, it is an admonition that you need to do your own testing as many of the third party software vendors are not doing the testing for you.

This is no different than any other Windows release; lots of stuff will work just fine but there will be stuff that won’t.  You need to know what will and will not work before you unleash it on your users.

Windows 10 is a major step forward and, by all means, go ahead and throw it on your personal machines.  But, in the office, please perform your due diligence as it is way better to be prepared than to be sorry!

And if you care to listen to me drone on about this, we have a video up on our Vimeo channel:

Thank you Robert for those important words.

I happen to be one of those thousands of test users, and have seen both older and newer releases. I’ve been running Windows 10 on a physical laptop for nearly 6 months now and it’s had its ups and downs, but overall has been a much better experience than Windows 8.

I must warn you though, Windows 10 is no less susceptible to spamware / spyware, etc. than any other OS ever released. My kids (whose machine it’s been for school work / entertainment) are notorious for clicking on every imaginable colourful ad that slips by the ad-blocker. I’ve had to monthly clean the machine of spyware and the 100 other things that they’ve installed in their pursuit of entertainment.

Hopefully you can find the time to test Windows 10 for yourself before considering your own roll out.