Office 365 – Datacentres coming to Canada!

Microsoft announced this morning (June 2, 2015) that Office 365, Azure and CRM would soon be available out of Canadian datacentres!  This is a monumental announcement for all of the Canadian organizations that have wanted to move to O365 or other Microsoft Cloud services and have been blocked by real (or perceived) privacy issues and other legal strictures against storing data outside Canadian borders.

Dates have not yet been announced but I’m betting it will be pretty quick as there are lots of drivers for Microsoft to go in this direction.  And as soon as the dates are announced I’ll post them here.

Well done, Microsoft!  I can hardly wait for the rollout!

UPDATE:  Two locations announced, Toronto and Quebec City as well as online date in 2016.  Surprised there is not one going into Western Canada considering the number of datacenters clustered around Calgary and Edmonton but glad to see two nevertheless!