Good People Are Hard To Find

Hello there!

As summer is winding down, I have been reflecting on the past few months.

Sean and I had our itgroove summer bbq party at the house in July, and right at the end of the evening, our son cut his hand very badly on a glass door. As much as it was an awful situation, it truly showed me that the people who work with Sean are like family.

I will admit that I am pretty terrible in any situation where there is blood involved, especially with one of my kids. As I busied myself fluttering around the house, trying to get rid of the dots in my eyes (aka trying not to faint), all of the others were assessing his hand, closing up the house and figuring out a way to get us to the hospital. We came home after a few hours in the ER to a tidy house and no trace of the blood that was all over the floor.

I have thought about it quite a bit over the past month and a half and it just feels good to know that the people who you spend so much of your time with during the day become like family. We have each other’s backs and although I probably won’t be helping you bandage up a compact fracture, I will sure as heck help you in any other way I can.

We have good people on our team, and that’s a great feeling.