My Life in the Rift 9/9/2014

Oculus Rift DK2

I have had my DK2 for almost a week now and what a week it has been. I must say it is not as user friendly compared to the DK1 is some aspects. The DK2 is a lot more finicky. This might be because I came into the DK1 at the end of its lifespan so they hard ironed out the kinks, but the DK2 defiantly is worthy of the developer edition moniker. It loves to have jitter and chromatic aberration issues, and don’t get my started about the monitor dance you need to go through to get it to work.. BUT when you get it working, man oh man is it a thing of beauty.

One of my favorite experiences with the DK1 was DiRT3 and with the DK2 it’s leaps and bounds better. The same players are required to get it to work with the DK2. VorpX for the DX11 Oculus Rift Support and Opentrack for the head & positional tracking.

Oculus Rift DK2

dirt3_game 2014-09-08 20-09-58-13

Here it is in motion!