O365–Me and SharePoint, A Bumpkin’s Journey

I’ve arrived at being an Office365 MVP without having really dipped my toe very deep into SharePoint (the “Sites” you see in O365).  Part of this is due to the fact that our office has 3 brilliant SharePoint MVP’s on staff – Sean, Colin and Keith – so anything Sharepoint-ey  is handled by them.  Part of it is also due to the fact that I have shied away from the nuts and bolts preferring to be a consumer of the gorgeous SharePoint bits that the boys produce.  Frankly, I can’t conceive of not having SharePoint services available to me on a daily basis; after all, we run the Company on SharePoint.

Now that I’ve arrived as an O365 MVP I think it is high time that I got more involved with SP and it makes perfect sense to get involved with what is offered in O365.  So, I’m going to start a series of blogs that highlight my exploration of SharePoint within the O365 framework (it is the same but different from what is available on-prem).  I hope to be able to highlight the kinds of things that you can expect to do with O365 SharePoint, what’s going to be “easy” (the low hanging fruit for the easy wins) as well as the things that you can do but that you might want to elicit expert help to successfully complete.  From my viewpoint, SharePoint provides a massive boost in value for your monthly subscription dollars and I think the biggest bang is available to the SMB crowd as SP opens up possibilities most of you have never considered.

I’ll tell you the good, the bad and the ugly (ugly will probably be me getting myself into a jam where I need one of “the boys” to bail me out).  I hope I can give you the unvarnished truth as seen through the eyes of someone with enough knowledge to be dangerous but possibly not enough to really know what I am doing, at least not on the first pass.  In other words, my journey could look a lot like most who venture into SharePoint for the first time.  This will be a learning adventure, to be sure.

So stick around, things are going to get very interesting!  So starts my journey into the bigger world of O365 and SharePoint on the beagledom.ca domain!