Key Ring

I have discovered something that I’m sure has been out for ages and everyone else knows about it, but I’ll tell you anyway….

A few weeks ago I was standing at the counter of a store that I go to quite often and practically dumping my purse upside down looking for their store card that gives me a discount. I probably have at least 10 cards for different stores plus a pocket full of coupons that I get in the mail or emailed to me.

I finally sat down and looked at the App Store and found Key Ring. This app is so great! You can take a picture of the front and back of each card and then scan in the barcode on the back to store along with each card. Then find a drawer you hardly use at home and chuck all those suckers in there. I have used it several times now and other than a few stores having to punch the numbers manually because the bar code doesn’t scan, it works great.

You can also put in the area you’re from and have access to local flyers and sales at the touch of a button.

There is also a list that you can share with your significant other…but why do that when we already use OneNote for that?