My Life in the Rift 4/10/2014

My Life in the Rift 4102014

For my Rift Experience today I tried the following two demos.

The 3 Worlds & HypercastVR

The 3 worlds is an older demo that I guess I missed, but it’s still a good little experience. It lets you roam around a cool little island with some medieval structures and nice rock formations. You get a good sense of scale and the giant rock outcroppings remind me of Dear Esther for some reason. It’s just a work in progress, but a good start and worth the few minutes of entertainment.

My Life in the Rift 4102014



HypercastVR is more of a marketing tool, but a useful one. The Rift is perfect for virtual walkthroughs of properties or in this case boats for sale. I would jump at the opportunity to be able to do a virtual walkthrough first of anything I was going to buy. Built with the Unreal UDK it has promise, its short, but fun and worth a quick look.


You do get to walk around at the end of the tour.