My Life in the Rift 4/9/2014

My Life in the Rift

For my Rift Experiences today I decided to try out the following two demos.

Experience/Japan (Teaser Trailer) Page Link

This is a demo for an upcoming virtual tour through Japan. I have tried a few of these virtual tour movies before and I really like the concept of “virtual tourism”. They are basically 360 degree videos you can view with devices like the rift and look in all directions while the video plays. Very immersive and when the resolution increases the experience will only get better.

You get to walk the busy streets and check out the locals.

My Life in the Rift

Lots of neon signs.


And play with cats!


*You do need the K-light codec pack for the demo to work, but if you are still having issues you can play the .AVI with the Total Cinema 360 Oculus Player.

Be a crash test dummy Page Link

For my second experience I went for a Crash Test Dummy simulator. This cool little demo demonstrates the safety differences in cars built just 32 years apart in the best possible way, by hurtling you into a wall in glorious rift fashion!

Really nicely modeled interior with nice spatial awareness.

VirtualCarCrash_v50_Win 2014-04-09 20-16-47-33

Nice little touches during the crash include coffee cups and other debris flying around the cabin during impact.


It then gives you a great breakdown of the safety features and the damage sustained from the crash in the modern vehicle.


Then they put you into a car from 1982 and ram you into the same wall and let you compare the damage and be thankful for all the modern automobile safety features.


Not pretty.